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Help us in “Spreading the Woosah” this year on Black Friday – 20% of the proceeds from our Climate Collection on November 29th will go to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an organization committed to environmental activism. (Plus, we’re launching our Second Annual Token Hunt to encourage some more outdoor time.)

At Woosah, we have a lot to be thankful for: our friends and family, Mother Nature, art, music, and especially, our community who’s constantly “Spreading the Woosah.”

But, what exactly does “Spreading the Woosah” mean? Well, a lot of things:

  • It’s supporting local artists and organizations who are putting time, energy and resources back into the community. 
  • It’s soaking in the summer vibes on Lake Michigan with some pals around the campfire.
  • It’s pumping your bike tires up and hitting the trail for a spin around town.
  • It’s opting to go outside on a hike, but bringing a bag with you to clean up trash along the way.
  • And it’s so much more...


A big theme in the ways our community is “Spreading the Woosah” ties back to sustainability – by supporting local organizations, keeping the arts alive, and fighting to protect the environment.

In continuing on this sustainability journey, this year at Woosah on Black Friday, we’ll be donating 20% of our sales from our Climate Collection to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

The NRDC “works to safeguard the earth — its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.” We dig this mission – and we’d love for you to help us support their work this Holiday season.

So, how can you support?

Come to Woosah on Friday, November 29th from 10am - 8pm. 

Buy some gear from our Climate Collection, a collection of curated products (tees, hoods, prints, stickers, etc.) inspired by Earth and meant to encourage thoughtful and mindful choices to make a positive impact. 

Head out, enjoy the holidays, and feel good knowing your Woosah gear (and donation) helped fund the work of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Anything else happening?

Take part in our Token Hunt!

We are also so stoked to announce our Second Annual Token Hunt — where we’ll be hiding Woosah Tokens around local Parks and trails for you to hunt on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday! 

Follow us on Instagram to peep the location hints. This year we will be hiding a total of 21 tokens with prizes ranging from patches and sticker packs to hats and tees! If you find a token, bring it by the shop and turn it in for your prize. Limit one per customer.

Get out there, breathe in the fresh air and have some fun.

And if you can’t make it?

That’s okay. We know that celebrating Thanksgiving calls for travel, friend and family time, and food hangovers.

Plus, there are so many other ways to support and live sustainably Holiday season. Here are a few...

-Donate to another environmental-focused non-profit.

Make a donation in a friends name for their Holiday gift, or simply give for yourself. Support national organizations like The Nature Conservancy or go local with orgs like Kent County Water Conservation or Alliance for the Great Lakes. (More ideas here in Outside Mag.)

-Support organizations partnering on give-back initiatives.

Like our friends at Miir, for example. We work with them to collab on tumblers and mugs that help fund a giving project. To date Miir has funded 61 projects in 26 countries! Check the bottom of your Miir product for a trackable number to see what project you helped bring to life.

-Keep it local.

Doing so produces a much smaller eco-footprint. Products designed and made locally have a much smaller impact on Earth than one that is made overseas, shipped to the US, sorted and distributed. 

-Avoid gifts and goods that are non-recyclable and/or have excessive packaging.

Our Outside Coffee Co. containers are compostable or recyclable. We sell reusable straws and compost all of our food waste with Urban Roots (awesome local company if you want to look into them!)  

-Use your dollars like a vote.

Treat your money like you treat your vote – make sure where you shop reflects your values and morals.


Share your story by tagging us on Instagram with #spreadingthewoosah so we can follow along. 

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