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Wildsam Yellowstone Field Guide

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Yellowstone, the world’s first national park, is the centerpiece of one of our last big stretches of wild: 2.2 million acres of wonders, vistas and wolves. For visitors and locals alike, it offers a great collective pride. Whether entering the park gates for the first time or walking old and familiar trails, Wildsam Yellowstone leads you through “Wonderland” with local voices, travel intel and insights.



  • Local intel for Yellowstone backcountry activities, trails, scenic views, geothermal wonders

  • A 3-day road trip itinerary to experience the best of the park

  • Hearty breakfast spots and outfitter recs to gear up for exploring

  • Best base camps for local art, craft brews, homemade pasta, vinyl browsing and quirky memorabilia

  • Stories from local voices including bison experts, fly fishing guides, astrobiologists, Indigenous historians, park rangers, writers and artists

  • Scientific surprises behind Grand Prismatic Springs, the park’s wolf packs, and Yellowstone’s mega volcano

  • Shamans, summer jobs, misadventures, buffalo soldiers, park architecture & more historical clips

  • Fresh new writing from acclaimed authors Doug Peacock and Nina McConigley

  • A legacy excerpt from author Jim Harrison

Wildsam Yellowstone Field Guide

Wildsam Yellowstone Field Guide