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Fat and the Moon Sore Muscle Salve


 What better way to get a massage than handing your pal a tin of Sore Muscle Salve accompanied by a pained and strained expression?

Fat and the Moon’s Sore Muscle Salve employs the relaxing properties of tobacco and warming properties of cayenne. The earthy smell of tobacco is nicely complemented with the grassy aroma of vetiver essential oil. Clove essential oil adds even more warmth to the salve.

Topical use only, and make sure to keep away from the eyes, and the mouth- in this case, you don’t want to feel the Bern!


  • tobacco*
  • st john's wort*
  • cayenne
  • sunflower oil*
  • beeswax
  • clove essential oil*
  • vetiver essential oil*

2 fl oz 

Fat and the Moon Sore Muscle Salve

Fat and the Moon Sore Muscle Salve