Cushe: Cushe x Woosah Outfitters

By: Cushe | May 21, 2015

Last month, we teamed up with artist Erica Lang of Woosah Outfitters to create an awesome work of #HappinessHunting art.

Erica specializes in an old school (read: ancient) form of print making with a focus on the outdoors. ‘Woosah’ is a slang word that, for Erica, brings a sense of inner peace, calmness and stillness when said out loud. There are two things that bring Erica ‘Woosah': spending time in the studio, carving and printing woodblocks, and being emerged in the stillness and beauty of nature. For her, happiness hunting and that sweet feeling of Woosah are one in the same.

Erica designed the Cushe x Woosah carving to reflect what makes her happiest. The process goes a little something like this: carve the block > ink the block > print the block > do it again.

See what we made below.


Happiness hunting is the search for what you love most, for what brings you that ultimate sense of satisfaction and a big ‘ole smile. We think she’s found it.

This month, after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Erica began building out what will be the flagship Woosah Outfitters retail store. She plans to open her doors in June. For now, find more of Erica’s work on her website –

The hunt is on. Go forth and find happiness!