Take A Hike Tee


Take A Hike Tee

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• Artwork - Carved in 2014 by Erica Lang

• Print method - Woodblock relief print - direct to textile (This tee is printed directly from the carved woodblock. This process involves carving a piece of wood backwards, applying oil based ink to the finished block, placing the inked up block face down on your tee, and running both the shirt and block through an etching press where a large amount of pressure is applied, thus leaving your shirt imprinted with this design. Printed with oil based inks and air dried for three days) RAD.  

• Color - Denim

• Specs - 40's 100% Cotton Jersey; Heather Grey 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton. Fabric washed. Piece dyed, garment washed.

 Fit - Unisex

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