Stump Tee


Stump Tee

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• Artwork - This is an actual relief print pulled from a stump I found in Saugatuck, MI in 2013. This process of printing involves sanding the tree stump to a polish, torching the surface which burns away the spring wood, scraping away the spring wood, inking up the stump and laying a piece of Okawara paper over top using my thumb to press against the stump and pull a print which was then scanned in to create a screen print. To learn more about printing stumps and to observe their beauty I recommend reading the book Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill. 

• Print method - Screen print of a relief print pulled from the actual stump

• Color - Silver Grey

• Specs - 100% Cotton Jersey; Fabric washed. Piece dyed, garment washed.

 Fit - Unisex

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